Who we are

In Descalcificador10 we are a company formed by professionals (chemicals, engineers, electronics,…) with many years of experience, that we offer an effective and guaranteed solution against the problems caused by lime in the installations and hydraulic circuits of housing, commerce and industries.

In DESCALCIFICAR10 we are a team of professionals in the area of chemistry, chemical engineering and electronics that offers technologically advanced solutions to our customers, always trying to avoid the abusive use of chemical products and providing environmentally friendly solutions, economically and environmentally sustainable.

In addition, the technologically advanced solution proposed by DESCALCIFICADOR10 (ANTICAL RF) to solve the problems caused by the hardness of water and the calcareous incrustations caused by it is respectful and sustainable with the environment (environmentally clean solution), as it is an electro-physical and non-chemical treatment, and therefore without the need to use chemical products and without the generation of any polluting waste, as other techniques available on the market. Also note that the solution of DESCALCIFICADOR10 (ANTICAL RF) to cope with the problems caused by lime scale, reduces maintenance and energy costs necessary to heat the water, contributing directly to saving families and the company’s profit and loss account.

Whatever the size of the application, a team of specialists and professionals committed to their clients will provide the necessary solution in each case. We work with our customers to solve fouling problems, providing them with the most advanced fouling technology technically available today.

Given the uniqueness of each client, as well as the increasing complexity and diversity of hydraulic installations in each case, DESCALCIFICADOR10 studies and plans the solution to the problems caused by lime scale individually.

From DESCALCIFICADOR10 we have specialized in offering an effective and guaranteed solution to the problems caused by lime (ANTICAL RF) in the hydraulic installations and circuits of private homes, communities of owners, office buildings, large and small businesses, sports centers, campsites, hotels, shopping centers and a wide range of industries included; the agro-food industry, health centres, hospitals, chemical plants, plastics manufacturers, paper mills, farms, shipbuilding, the oil & gas industry, cement plants, wastewater treatment plants, etc…. In addition to treating pipes, boilers and cooling towers. DESCALCIFICADOR10’s RF Anti-lime scale systems also solve fouling problems in vacuum pumps, water purification plants, steam ovens, paint plants, packaging lines, condensers and air conditioners, among others.