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Anti-lime scale Domestic

A domestic water softener, if you live in an area where the mains water supply to your home is hard, very hard or extremely hard, you will probably suffer from the problems caused by limescale and will have calcareous deposits that plug shower nozzles and bathroom faucets and limescale residue around the bathroom, sinks and taps, as well as pressure problems in the water and ruptures in the hot water system (gas heater, electric accumulator or gas boiler) etc. etc.

But that’s not all, in addition to the obvious problems that limescale generates in your home’s hydraulic installation, limescale incrustations cost you money, as they reduce the efficiency of heat exchange (needing more time to heat water if there are limescale incrustations) and reduce the life of household appliances such as heaters and hot water accumulators, dishwashers and washing machines.

Household water descaler.

They also cost you extra in terms of electricity and fuel, depending on how you heat the water, with an electric heater or gas or fuel oil. For every 6 millimetres of calcareous incrustations inside the water heater or electric accumulator, the efficiency in transferring energy to water is reduced by an average of 40%.

If you have the above problems and are thinking of remedying them, before using a water softener or salt descaler (cation exchange resin systems), try our descaling technology by means of electromagnetic pulse emission or anti-lime by emission of ultrasounds ANTICAL RF, domestic descaler, which eliminates the limescale incrustations that already exist and progressively eliminates at 100% the formation of the limescale.

A safe way to end limescale in our home improves your family’s health.

ANTICAL RF’s domestic range is used in apartments, flats, residential homes or residential chalets and consists of 3 different models available for installation in pipes of 1/2″(21 mm), 3/4″ (27 mm) and 1″(34 mm) diameter.

All models are prepared to treat hard water up to 200ºF (2,000 mg/calcium carbonate in water) of hardness, so they can treat 99.9% of the drinking water from network service to residential housing. If larger hardness water has to be treated, custom-made special equipment can be manufactured to deal with the problem of lime in such water.

The Anti-lime scale Water Treatment System ANTICAL RF or domestic water softener consists of two interconnected components (electric part + hydraulic part) that are easy to install by any plumber or plumbing installation company:

  • THE EMITTER: The hydraulic part made up of a group of coils joined two by two in opposite phases around the steel pipe of the equipment fitted to the water supply line. They form the heart of the equipment and are the low-frequency electromagnetic radio pulse emitter.

The system transmits low-frequency signals or pulses to the coils, which emit them to the water flow through the device.

  • THE TRANSFORMER: The electrical part, consisting of a special current transformer that continuously changes the relative frequency according to the conditions existing in the water (the signal frequency varies according to the temperature, hardness, pressure, and flow rate of the water). The housing of this transformer is made of plastic, with IP54 protection. (Splashproof).

Electronic anti-lime scale.

Ultimately the combination of the two main parts of the equipment makes the Antical RF equipment are electro-physical low voltage devices that create a variable pulsed electric field that provides a permanent solution for the control of problems caused by lime and control of corrosion induced by it in water.

The only cost of anti-lime scale treatment of the Antical RF Water treatment system is electricity consumption, which is very low when dealing with low voltage equipment. For example for a 1/2″ pipe diameter equipment the electrical consumption would be a maximum of 15 W/h (0.36 Kw/day).

Domestic water softener considerations.

Compared to the average cost of chemical treatment against lime (salt descaling or water softener) and the maintenance of a system of this type, domestic water softener, the sum of its costs are considerably higher than the low and unique cost of electricity consumption of an Antical RF system. In addition, these treatments can generate waste that is detrimental to the environment and/or entails an additional cost of managing them. More information in the wikipedia.

Antical RF systems are an ecological, comfortable, economical and totally effective alternative to keep lime problems in your home under control.